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Everyone Should Have Bicycle Safety Accessories

The bicycle doctor has all the major bicycle accessories in stock from the top suppliers. Now that you have a quality bike you certainly wouldn’t want cheap accessories on it. Right? That’s why we only handle products that you can rely on.

What kind of riding do you do? Do you ride just for recreation? Maybe you use your bike for exercise or competition. Not sure exactly what you might need? Not to worry. We’ll gladly help you out.

If you do any riding on the street you should at least have a mirror to see motor vehicles coming up from behind. Have you thought about a bell or horn? To avoid an accidental collision when passing other riders or pedestrians on a bike path or sidewalk it’s a good idea to let them know you are approaching with a polite announcement from a bell or horn.

Bicycle Addons Have Come A Long Way Over The Years

bicycle mirrors and hornsMany years ago bicycles had mechanical speedometers that worked off the front wheel. Today we have digital computers for bikes that do that and a lot more. I know, when some of us think of a computer we think,” too hard to use” or too much to learn. That isn’t the case at all. These little computers aren’t any more complicated than a digital watch and they can provide lots of useful information for any rider. They are even available in wireless versions. If you’re thinking of a computer for your bike stop in and we’ll show you what they can do and answer all your questions.

So What Are The Basic Accessories You Should Start With

Here;s our list of recommendations to help you get the most from your bicycle riding experience:

Helmet, Gloves, Water Bottle w/Holder, Mirror, Bell, Pump, Computer, Car Rack To Hole Your Bikes

Cat Eye Bicycle Computers

Cat eye bicycle computers

Popular Kids Bicycle Seats

Now you can get a kids bicycle seat that mounts on the front of your bike. This is such an improvement over the typical child seat.

  • Your child has a much better view
  • You don’t have to look back to check on your child
  • It has a great safety harness similar a car seat
  • It’s very easy to mount

Stop in at the shop and check it out. Tony or one of the staff would be delighted to show it to you and answer any questions you may have.

 Motorized Bicycle Lift & Storage System

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