Bicycle Types

Bicycles have changed a lot over the years. They have become more sophisticated and are designed to be used for specific types of riding. We realize not everyone shopping for a new bike will be familiar with the various types and what they’re used for. So here’s a brief description of the main bicycle types you’ll see in our shop along with many colors and variations.

Road bicycles and touring bikes are designed for traveling distances on paved roads. The tires are skinny and smooth. They are generally very light for less fatigue when traveling.

Mountain bicycles are primarily built for off road use. They will have more suspension to handle rough riding surfaces and lugged tires for a better bite in the dirt.

Comfort bicycles on the other hand provide a nice comfortable riding experience. The seats are larger and well padded. The handlebars provide for a more upright position for the rider so they’re not supporting their upper body with their arms & shoulders.

Hybrid bicycles are made to provide multipurpose uses. You can enjoy them on a paved surface or take them off road on relatively smooth trails. This bicycle type is designed for the rider that isn’t looking for the best performance on or off the road but wants the best of both worlds.

Recumbent bicycles offer an interesting design in that the rider sits in a reclined position. They are more comfortable for some riders due to the fact that the seat also has a back support built in. The two questions everyone asks about recumbent bikes are: Is it easy to ride and Is it comfortable? The answer to both questions is yes. If you want to try one out stop in our shop anytime and we’ll set you up.

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