This past Sunday (January 27, 2013) the Jamis Factory Demo Team setup at Bings Landing so area riders could try out the 650B and 29 mountain bikes on the Mala Compra Trail. The field of bikes on display were Dakar XCT 650 Pro,Dakar XCT 650 Comp, Dragon 650, Nemesis, Dakar XCR 29 Team, Dakota D29 Team, and Dragon 29 Race.  The event was held from 10 AM to 2 PM. Over a hundred bicycle enthusiasts showed up to test ride the bikes. The factory mechanics where on hand to setup and tuned the bikes specifically for each rider.

People were especially happy to try out the Jamis bikes on actual trails not in a parking lot. Some comments from the crowd were “really lightweight, very responsive, comfortable ride and very responsive”.

The BBQ line formed at noon for hots and hamburgs cooked to order. The local Jamis rep who manned the grill was more than happy to accommodate your preference. He made sure everyone got something to eat and stayed on the grill until everyone was satisfied.

As you can see Tony was able to take a quick break from the activities to grab a bite to eat. He worked pretty hard assisting the mechanics, answering questions about the bikes and offering professional advice.

Besides the BBQ there was a  raffle with lots of giveaways including bike accessories and gift cards to local area restaurants.

If you would like info on Flagler Area Biking of which Tony is vice president, the website is  Flagler Area Biking formerly known as F.A.C.E, was established based on the creation of the Mala Compra trail and having an organization behind it.  FAB has built the Mala Compra trail and has the contract with the county to maintain it.  The club is also involved in trail building in St. John’s county and Volusia county.